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Marketing = Customers + Heart by ThriveableBiz



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Marketing for most small businesses is the most frustrating part of their day-to-day. But, get it right, and life gets that much easier.

There’s a reason so much money is wasted on marketing, and it’s because most businesses miss the first vital step. And that's understanding why your customers buy.

If you’re STRESSED OUT because your marketing isn’t working.

OVERWHELMED by piles of information on what you should do.

STUCK on a problem with no solution.

WASTED advertising $$, but unsure how to fix. Then I can help.

I’ve been operating my own businesses and helping others for over 30 years. My experience ranges from retail to service.

So, get off the merry-go-round and schedule a no-obligation chat with me using the link below. Chances are, I’ll be able to unlock the best solution for your specific needs. And if I can’t, I’ll tell you.

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Marketing = Customers + Heart by ThriveableBiz

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Foundation - Expert Provider


Judy Celmins

marketing *Marketing *Online Marketing
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